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How Micro Learning can be used as a new business model.
Micro learning has gained popularity in recent years to help organizations and individuals transfer knowledge, change a behavior or deliver an initiative.  Micro learning is an effective training tool because it minimizes the excess material and gets right to the point.  Many organizations use micro learning to efficiently deliver information to employees. With more and more people working from home, adopting interesting methods of communication are going to be key in keeping people engaged and excited.
Micro learning can also be used a business model to deliver content, market your company and adding value to what you do as coach, consultant, or speaker.  The transfer of knowledge is the preferred currency moving forward and here is how you can deliver micro learning content to grow your business.


Scale and sell your services.
If you help people change a behavior or guide them through self improvement, Micro Learning Systems can quickly and easily help you scale and sell your services to a much wider audience.  Granted, a lot of what you do in these heart based business needs to be delivered in person or in a live situation but there are a lot of ways you can develop systems to free up your time and create change in peoples lives.
If you guide people through a process, you probably have it broken down into steps or process. Some of the steps can be made in to self guided systems that people can engage with and use on their own schedule. An example would be, if you have a five step process and charge one hundred dollars, automating one step will be worth $20 or 20%  of your time.  Whether it is time or money, the more you can automate the larger audience you can reach.
When you create microlearning systems you also become better at your craft.  Analyzing what you do and becoming more intentional in how you approach your process will refine what you do and look closely at your methods. We have made quite a few systems for coaches and they always tell us how this process gives them clarity in their process, whether they have been doing this for months or decades.
Let’s take a look at how Micro Learning can be used.
Knowledge as a commodity is the best way to validate your content, refine your presentation and warm up your audience.  Micro learning systems can be built so quickly that you can make mini systems to test out material and build up leads.
We have found that making a small Micro Learning System of 3-5 lessons around the topic you are most fluent in is the best place to start.
What little bit of knowledge do you have that can help your audience make progress or change quickly?
Get these little systems out there and ask people to use them. This warms up your audience and give you a small win to help your motivation.  Test marketing will save you a lot of time and money.  There are so many courses out there that nobody wants because they weren’t validated and the worst thing you could do is make a mega-signature course with no audience or confirmation that people want it.
Winning Formula
  • Make a 3-5 video lesson mini system on the topic you know best.
  • Deliver it through emails, Facebook groups or on Linked in and see if people engage with it.
  • Work these lessons, if it doesn’t get a good response, make another one and keep trying til you get people to engage.
  • Here is a program to help you build your system faster
Value Add
This maybe the most powerful method you can use your micro learning system.  When you add value to your offer, it separates you from your competition.
Value add is when you provide more value to customers through Micro Learning.
Here’s what it could look like.
If you provide a one hour workshop or presentation you can Add Value by giving your audience a micro-learning system.
Imagine you deliver a leadership training and in your workshop you highlight 3 action steps that these leaders can use with their team.
A micro learning system would be the tools to implement these action steps.  You could be very prescriptive in how they can implement these changes.
Your lessons could give them step by step instructions including checklists and work sheets to give them all of the tools they need to be successful.
How can this help you?
  • You are embedded in the company long after your presentation.  This is great for branding and marketing.
  • You will continue to make change in the organization even when you are not there.  ( You have just scaled up your business)
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Charge more. Make more money by addinga more value.
You can see Micro Learning is a versatile way to scale your business and give you new outlets to reach a wider audience. Most importantly, be strategic in your development and delivery of your content.  Validate your concept and be methodical.
Are you ready to start building a micro learning system?
Visit for more tools and guidance to help you build your system faster.